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Rado is a universally known Swiss watch brand, famous for its avant-garde design and the use of innovative materials that give life to some of the most resistant and exclusive watches in the world. Since its foundation in Lengnau, Switzerland, Rado has been animated by a pioneering spirit well summarized by the motto of the brand "If we can imagine it, we can make it", which is still valid today.
Awarded with prestigious international design awards and looking to the future, Rado is considered the most innovative designer of contemporary watchmaking. Specializing in hi-tech ceramic watches, Rado has never ceased to amaze and can boast a long tradition of innovations that have revolutionized Swiss watchmaking. Since 1986, Rado has been at the forefront of the use of hi-tech ceramic, which has since played a pivotal role in Rado watches. Hi-tech ceramic watches are real art objects made by hand: their elegant smooth surfaces can have a metallic or matte finish and are made in a range of colors in continuous expansion. Known for its striking and arcane metallic brilliance, Rado's hi-tech plasma ceramic is forged inside ovens at high temperatures. The gases, heated to a temperature of 20,000 ° C, transform the white hi-tech ceramic into an exclusive material with an otherworldly metallic shine, obtained without using any type of metal. The warm gray metallic color that emerges from each specimen does not fade over time but maintains its natural anti-scratch shine for years to come.
The milestones of Rado's extraordinary history include the iconic scratch-resistant watch, the introduction of the revolutionary monobloc ceramic injection case and the creation of an exclusive range of hi-tech materials with bright colors. Nothing can stop Rado's desire to imagine, invent and innovate.
Style and content trace the way to the future and Rado continues to make high-impact watches created to stand the test of time.