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Founded in La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1887 by Georges-Lucien Eberhard, the Swiss Maison Eberhard & Co. has a long and uninterrupted history, as well as a name decidedly synonymous with tradition, commitment and innovative spirit.
Research, excellence and innovation are the values on which the company has based its philosophy, without renouncing the deep connection with its origins and traditions.
The Swiss Maison is synonymous with excellence and innovation that find expression in precious timepieces with a high technical content that have marked important evolutionary stages: the pocket chronograph, the first wrist chronograph, reaching up to double timekeeping.
Over the years, the Maison has focused on research and innovation, developing a series of international patents. There are several representative collections of the brand, Chrono 4, Gilda, Extra-Fort, Tazio Nuvolari and 8 Days, just to name a few.
The patented Déclic® deployment clasp by Eberhard & Co. is a new accurate detail that the Maison has added to its watches. The traditional construction technique has been improved thanks to a special safety mechanism that prevents the opening of the Déclic® deployant.
Watches with a timeless personality that stand out for quality and style and that mark the values of the great Swiss tradition.