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Since its founding in 1918, Citizen has promoted an approach inspired by excellence and creativity.
For Citizen, imagining the future means constantly keeping the gaze pointed forward in search of new ideas and technologies, to make ever better watches.
In the constant research path they have developed a series of world firsts among which innovations such as radio-controlled and satellite-synchronized watches.
One of Citizen's challenges: to develop a technology that would guarantee the constant functioning of the watch, anywhere in the world. In 1976, well in advance of others, they invented the first analog light-powered quartz watch that works using only light as an energy source. This technology, now known as Eco-Drive, can generate energy from any light source (artificial light, natural light and even dim light) to continue running watches without ever replacing the battery. One of the distinctive features of Citizen Eco-Drive compared to other technologies for the continuous operation of the watch is its "power reserve". Eco-Drive watches, when fully charged, continue to operate for more than 6 months, even in complete darkness.
Citizen's Eco-Drive technology has won several awards in Japan and other countries for its contribution to protecting the environment. In 1996, an Eco-Drive watch was named the first watch with the necessary requirements for the Eco Mark, a classification of the Japanese Environmental Association (JEA). In 2014, Citizen was the first watch maker to win JEA's Eco Mark Gold Award.
Today, our research continues to develop even more beautiful light-charged watches, designed with various functions and materials, all united by the goal of an increasingly pleasant product experience.