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TAG Heuer

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TAG Heuer
A reference in the world of luxury chronographs, TAG Heuer's high precision chronometric innovations have been in step with the evolution of sports since 1860. Thanks to these watches it is possible to capture every fraction of a second of a performance.
From the wrist of the drivers who have marked the history of engines to yours, TAG Heuer watches exert a lasting influence on times and epochs. Shortly after designing it, TAG Heuer introduced the Mikrograph: a mechanical chronograph five times more precise than the others, establishing itself as the Official Timekeeper of the most popular sports competitions. With the arrival of motor sports, TAG Heuer has become the first watch brand to sponsor the Formula 1 World Championship since its inception.
Innovation has been the philosophy since 1860: from the first luxury smartwatch in 2017 through the creation of the oscillating pinion in 1887. From the invention of the first automatic winding mechanism with crown to the very first double magnetic tourbillon. Four production sites, the same manufacture: TAG Heuer has never stopped pushing beyond the limits of watchmaking technology with innovations and savoir-faire.
TAG Heuer is the author of cutting-edge innovations that have written history and continue to define the foundations of today's watch industry. Since 1860, TAG Heuer has combined precision technological and chronometric innovations. Devoted to the world of sport and, in particular, to the world of motors, TAG Heuer has created the most accurate time measuring instruments, reaching an accuracy of 5/10 000 of a second. He instilled this know-how in every collection and creation.
From TAG Heuer Carrera to Autavia and Monaco, its watches are the result of advanced research at the forefront of the watch industry. Designed with skill, these collections have risen to icons.